Penybont and District Local History Group Open Meeting at Severn Arms 11th November 2013 7.30 p.m. – Photographic Memories

Geraint opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. He explained that the Local History Group meets regularly in the first Monday of each month, (except August and January), to discuss and research the history of the area. This particular session is one of the projects, led by Lynda that is attempting to compile a photographic record of the area past and present. Lynda, with the help of others has now got in the region of 900 photographs. Some of the photos tell a story but some have people in them who we do not recognise. This evening, ‘People in Penybont’, will be asking you if you can bring your local knowledge to identifying people, so if you do know please shout it out and Derek will write people’s names down.
Geraint encouraged anyone who has any pictures of the past or present in Penybont to contact Linda so that copies can be made for our records.
Thanks was conveyed to Tracey and family at the Severn Arms for making the premises available for tonight’s event.
Richard Davies drew people’s attention to the new Radnorshire Society Book, “Radnorshire from Above”, by Chris Musson, that is available tonight at a special price of £9. Subsequently it will be being sold for £12.
477 John Price Senior
349 There was a question as to whether the big man was Hercules Phillips who was a leading Quaker locally. One of the other people might be a member of the Watkins family
530 Picture at the Pales 1856 – no one known
524 Cadwgan Hall – Marianne James’s mother
556 Mr. Mantle, Sexton Llandegley Church
752 Archie the Drover with his dog Turk, his surname was Willis? It was said that Archie lived anywhere and everywhere, and turned up on the doorstep to ask for ‘a cup of tea and a crust of bread’. It was said that when he died his dog would not allow anyone to go near the body.
662 Owen Family – In the middle is ? dad’s mother. Tragically one son, Howard, was killed in the 1st World War and while he was away the other son died of pneumonia complications while at a training camp in Oswestry.
736 Mr David and Mrs Sue Lewis from The Ross. Arty Lewis’s father
742 Phillip Richards of Bailey Shonllwyd
517 1912 ?
098 Llandeley choir 1875 – Names are on the back
520 Llanbadarn Choir 1912 dedication of the Bells – All hats and furs!
217 Pierrettes – Names on the back including school teachers, husband and wife, meetings held at the Police Station
414 Cookery caravan that went round the local schools – 1908/10 – The girls learnt to cook and the boys learnt woodwork
255 Ted ‘Stone’ – Stonemason for Penybont Hall – Dog; Winnie They were based in the cobbler’s shop
677 Walter and Sarah Jones from the Caely – Barbara’s grandparents. Sarah was a Bufton
684 John Abberley’s father = Bill the Milk – Holy Trinity – Charabanc and milk delivery around the town. 9 in the family
723 John A’s parents golden wedding
523 Tom Scandrett an – Postman and gardener at the Hall – Batchelor of the Parish who lived with his sister Ann – He would have 2 pints at the Severn Arms at the end of the day before going home
142 Nellie Gough
082 Fred Lloyd – Carnau
081 Fred Lloyd with Miss Bowman
Fred studied the stars at night and slept during the day
Miss Bowman came to the area in 1940 from Surrey. Known for her parrot which would bite you if you got too close, and for being the Church organist
598 Miss Bowman
649 Molly Rule the Day
Employed on a casual basis to pick stone and manage gorse around the farms – She is buried at Llanbister Church
534 Tom Jones – Shady Grove, Penybont Common
535 Tom’s sister – Miss Jones from the Common, down and beyond Ludlow, Ray, who was living at Ludlow with his parents, remembers having to help them to get off the Common in bad weather
583 Richards Family from Baileyshonllwyn
Mavis Phillip Mathilda Evan
Tom Gwen Gladys Annie
Dai Davies met Evan in the newsagents a few years ago. Dai introduced himself as Evan did not seem to recognise him. Evan drew his face closer and closer to Dai’s and then in a moment of recognition he exploded: “Dai Davies, Never got on with the bugger!”
412 Harold Thomas at Crossgates Corner RAC Box. Based Fron he moved to Newbridge. His son lived there until very recently. Harold would, of course, salute all motorists he passed who displayed an RAC Badge.
552 ? Looks like Jack Evans tractor
John Thomas – Steam Roller driver
? Allan Goff
639 Jenkins Llewellyn Melyn from the Bank who lived at the Rhewl?
280 Finest publican in the UK!
416 Alfred and Sarah Thomas from the Shop – Mary and John’s Grandparents – Sarah had a 16 inch waste!
417 Alfred and Sarah’s Golden Wedding
419 Edwin Jones – Schoolmaster at Aberystwyth and Llandinam schools. He married Edith Millar and lived at Windyridge. Edwin had 11 children
Also Alfred Nehemiah Thomas from the Shop, with Mary Edwina, Tudor and Jack, and Auntie Maggie who married Rev. Eliza???
420 Auntie Maggie who was a very good horsewoman
421 Uncle Jack Thomas
424 Tennis Club
Mr Gittings in the middle – butcher
Nurse Gittings had legendary status as the local midwife. People present were delivered by Nurse Gittings. One memory was of her having to deliver two children at the same time in different parts of the village. John A remembers picking her up on a snowy morning, nurse Gittings having been out all night.
426 Penybont Chapel on the wedding day of Mary’s parents.
427 Tudor Thomas who was a Captain in the Navy. He was torpedoed twice. When he went back to sea after the first one he sent a letter home saying he would see them for his birthday, but he was lost with the Empire Jaguar.
Also in the photo Freda Thomas
428 Jack and Tudor Thomas
425 Mary’s mother
566 It is me! Sidelands. Mary pigtails, her sister and brother John.
509 Freda
235 Penybont Races – People came from far and wide and nobody was able to identify anyone in the picture
531 Radnor Show
RP Hamer; Bill Macintosh; Venables Llewellyn, Horace Hall – Mr Payne
533 Blacksmiths – shoeing competition
526 Jack Bufton – Franksbridge
527 Nellie Bufton – other side of the road
521 Llanbadarn 1912 children
525 1932 football – Jim Watson 3rd in
374 Station Worker Jack Morgan; Dolau Station
372 Sherry 2nd in
Benson 3rd in
Fred Hardwick 4th in
145 Pioneer Corp – kitchen
Mr Cox married Violet Price who was killed in the Ardennes
188 Cyril Williams
479 Tudor as above
640 Captain Miller also lost at sea
659 Home Guard
657 Gwystre Home Guard
656 Home Guard
660 ‘Hitler’ has joined the Home Guard – 2nd is
Bank Manager Glynn Thomas on the end
Stan Owens; Nicholls, Les Morris – Llanddewi
661 TO Nicholls
481 Williams’s funeral following tragedy accident when he was shot in Llanyre
343 Soldiers based on the common from the Royal Artillery
575 ? VE Day celebrations – ? Sunday School Tea
699 Glynn Thomas Bill Griffiths Tom Price
Flags suggest that this may be VE Day
557 Basil Griffiths – Major in the Commandoes
745 Bob Chandler; Wynn Edwards; David ?; Major Denny –Abbeycwmhir
576 Albert Oakley – right
577 Mary’s sister – Little Miss Moffatt
Little Bo Peep
Madam Butterfly
Aid to China
241 Roller?
555 John Thomas; Wishlade – Surveyor; Howard Thomas
578 Neil’s Father and sister / Harold Richards and Marjorie
579 Joy the donkey with Mary, sister, Maria Miles on the donkey
580 Richard and Mary
581 Freda Thomas WI
582 Awards at RWS – Tom and Dorothy / Edwina Morgan and Tom
Long Service Medals
584 Tom Richards
585 Tom Price with Bill his brother
586 Tom Griffiths – Bailey Mawr
642 ?
641 Baby – bluebells
643 Pint pulling
644 Wife?
645 William Colin
646 ?
587 Farmer Lawrence
589 Rev ?
591 Iron Room – Ray ?
592 Carnival is over
593 Bill Miles at Bank
596 Shareholder!
600 Buftons – Hector
607 WC Collard
612 County Council Workers – Tony Field; Archie Bradford
613 Football Dinner
614 Mia – Conductor
Rob Watkins; Rob Lewis; John Smith; Peter; Dai Lewis; Margaret; Dorothy; Rita; Dot Green; Libby Wallis; Gladys; Jason; Clive
667 Alan Lewis
668 Male Voices
616 Jean Brown on the right
753 Powell Family – off to Pwllhelli to Butlins
758 Evan Edwards
626 Rally in London against the dis-establishment of the Church
354 Mr Collins Dillwyn Powell Miss Bufton Clifford Worthing Ken Lawrence Teacher Miss Jenkins
263 Trip to Zoo by train
669 Mr Capp (Headmaster) and Mrs Capp
275 Mary
734 Joyce Francis at the Mill – Shoe Shop – mother of Stan Francis
675 Sister to Arty Lewis

One thought on “Penybont and District Local History Group Open Meeting at Severn Arms 11th November 2013 7.30 p.m. – Photographic Memories

  1. Hi, regarding photographs 742 Phillip Richards of Bailey Shonllwyd & 583 Richards Family from Baileyshonllwyn, I wondered if there was any way of getting hold of these photographs either by electronic or hard copy? Phillip is my late father and we have lost touch with the family in the area. It would be fascinating to see photos of him that we haven’t seen before. Any help you can give would be much appreciated.

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